10 Powerful Words of Wisdom From Gandhi for the Weekend

Technology is changing our world, very fast, no question. It is changing the way we interact, the way we receive and distribute information. Information is way more accessible, than it was just a couple of years ago.

I recently started using an app that reads the news to me on my way to work, called Umano. I’m commuting from San Francisco to San Jose (a 50 minute drive), and even though the countryside is beyond beautiful, I sometimes feel doing nothing while driving down there is a waste of time – technology solved that problem for me.

A lot has been going on this week. Mostly sad and disturbing stories have been in the news.

That reminded me on how important it is to have positivity and inspiration in your life, and coincidentally I also listened to this article about the Phrases of Wisdom from Gandhi on Umano, that I’d like to share  with you.

Happy Friday!

10 Powerful Words of Wisdom From Gandhi

1. Be the change you wish to see in the world

2. What you think, you become

3. Where there is love, there is life

4. Learn as if you’ll live forever

5. Your health is your true wealth

6. Have a sense of humor

7. Your life is your message

8. Action expresses priorities

9. Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves

10. Find yourself in the service of others