10 Trends In Customer Care

As Symbio looks to grow our clients Digital Care solutions, I’ve become increasingly interested in learning more about how Customer Care and Customer Service is changing and evolving. In particular, how will today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology shape our world and how we connect, communicate and work with customers in all types of industries?

As we have discussed in previous posts on this subject, many companies are struggling to make the shift from the use of traditional engagement models to integrated cross channel solutions for serving the customer. This struggle lends itself to the creation or organic technologies, tools and processes to help us better interact and service customers of all shapes and sizes.

But what will tomorrow’s best-in-class customer care look like? How will it affect mobile devices, tablets and desktops? How will communications change and evolve, both socially and in person? How will in-store care differ from online customer service?

To that end – I stumbled across a most excellent report by WDS – 10 Trends in Customer Care. This report surveys experts from around the world and asks them to use their knowledge of innovations, developments and customer behaviors and attitudes to identify 10 key trends that will shape customer care over the coming 12 months. The end result comes together to form a compelling picture of the customer care realm in 2015.

If you’re interested in learning more about Digital Customer Care, please download our Digital Customer Care White Paper, or contact us at contact@symbio.com. We’d love to learn more and help you stay at the forefront of digital customer engagement and communication.