What to Expect When You’re Expecting… A New Apple iPad

photo by, Stuart Caie

photo by, Stuart Caie

Today marks yet another annual pagan tradition of harvest, Apple’s unveiling of their newest products at an event in our very own Cupertino.  The inevitable upgrades have been speculated to be the latest Apple iPad, also named the iPad Air 2, as well as the Retina iPad mini, the newest OS Yosemite, and perhaps Apple Pay and Apple TV.  The invitation bearing some resemblance to an index finger approaching a curved surface is very telling, as Apples’ event invitations have often given clues to the past highlighted unveilings.  This invitation implies that the event will have something to do with the new fingerprint based login technology that was introduced in the latest version of the iPhone.

Those who have literally dissected the latest incarnation of the Apple tablet, have posted pictures of its inner workings to reveal the hardware for Touch ID, as well as a powerful A8X chip larger and more powerful than the one found in the iPhone 6.  Other expectations for the iPad include 2GB of ram, perhaps slightly thinner, and available in gold for users to match them with their iPhones.  The new chip and extra GB of ram, as opposed to the 1G iPhone, could be providing ultra-high resolution screen as well as a rumored split-screen multitasking functionality, one of its competitor’s greatest points against previous iPad incarnations.

The optimization and update of the new iPad Air are far from groundbreaking.  The consistent and inevitable slight innovations are beginning to prevent the public from the awe-inspired gaping they long to recapture.  The public loves to be inspired and reminded of the astonishing feats of man, and sadly become quite cynical when they don’t receive it, even if it is now available in color.  If Apple doesn’t want to taper off into obscurity, it is about time they introduce something more innovative than an extra GB or a more powerful chip.  Apple could benefit from breaking their borders, in a literal sense. Bend gate 2014 might be more than a humorous inconvenience, perhaps it might even reveal the regular Apple users’ desire for a more fluid, fun and innovative design. I for one would like to see a more 3 dimensional model of a tablet, perhaps even cubic in its shape, after all with the sudden explosion of the square format in the art community, the equal sided shape could very well be the future.

The Touch Id technology discovered in the new tablet leads one to believe that this importing of technology to the iPad leads way to the upcoming Apple Pay, a secure payment and digital wallet service.  Customers will want better security in order to trust apple with the security of their finances. Fingerprint based login, while giving the consumer better peace of mind, sounds very much reminiscent of a nostalgic 1960’s secret agent, even more so than one talking to ones watch.  A regurgitation of expectations for the future from the mid-20th century are not enough to give us a thrill, just a necessary crawling step in the refining of the original iPad Air.