Client is in the center at Symbio

Building a World Class Client Experience

The client is at the center of your business. And of course, your staff working in forefront with the clients, know this. But as the company grows, more and more people have less direct contacts with clients. Consider your IT crew, finance team, invoicing, HR, quality management and internal development teams – is your client at the center for them and their projects?

Client is in the center at Symbio

Your client builds up their experience of your service on every contact point – from social networks to meetings, phone calls, invoices, daily communications and working together in projects. To build a unique, world-class service experience, the client relationship and experience must be the true center of everything we do, create and work for. But how do you ensure staff in every department is onboard with this concept?

At Symbio, our goal is to build a world class service experience with our clients. Over the last year, we have worked together on numerous workshops and projects to identify the most important contact points for the client. Transforming our business processes around the client helped us understanding and prioritizing the improvement efforts needed to make our client experience better and better.

Net Promoter Score® is the most common metric to measure the client experience. In NPS, clients are asked a simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [your company] to a friend or colleague?” with an immediate free comment to capture the reasons. Combined with fast and closed feedback loops with the employees, NPS is not just a survey, but a way to transform your company culture towards the clients.

In a recent survey with our clients in Finland, we asked “would you recommend Symbio to your colleagues or friends.” Most respondents (65%) were extremely likely to recommend Symbio to colleagues and friends. On NPS scale, the result +60 is good, and we are certainly appreciative for this. Based on this survey, our clients value the professional attitude and skills of our team, and the easy-going co-operation we instill at every level. The client experience of the quality of our service, open and honest communication and adhering to tight schedules, have set us apart and given our clients a willingness to recommend Symbio moving forward. Thank you, to all our wonderful clients.

At Symbio, we are constantly working hard to improve how we work, communicate and interact. Putting the client firmly at the center has helped us prioritize the internal development backlogs. The results of the survey are infinitely valuable to us as we continue to develop and refine our world-class operations.