Chinese National Day Celebration

China’s National Day, which is celebrated on October 1st every year since 1949, is to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China. On that day, lots of activities are being held nationwide.

Here in Beijing and other big cities all over China, eye-catching fireworks will take place at night and buildings will be illuminated. Tiananmen Square, in the center of Beijing, will also have a military parade.

National day starts which what is known as the “Golden Week” in China. The public holiday for National Day lasts for 3 days in Mainland China, for 2 days in Macau and for 1 day in Hong Kong. In Mainland China, the 3-day holiday is usually around the weekends ahead and after, so that people can enjoy a 7-day holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th. This week is well-known as the “Golden Week”.

7-days off! And most Chinese will definitely make the best use of it! Especially for those who work 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year… 7-days off is a luxury.

This is what most Chinese will do:

1.    Travel.

Most travel-destinations are going to be packed, on the one hand because China has the largest population in the world and on the other hand because everyone has the same 7 days off. No matter how much traffic there will be or how crowded destinations are going to be, nothing can stop people from travelling.

2.    Going home.

For those who work far away from home, this Golden Week holiday is the best opportunity to go back home to spent some quality time with their families and have a  family-reunion.

3.    Shopping.

Many big shopping malls offer big “National Holiday” discounts and great deals during the holiday to attract customers who are in a good mood, because they are off for a week.

Happy holidays to all of our Chinese colleagues!