Digital Care & Customer Service Trends.

Technology is changing the way we communicate and interact with customers. The ways in which we communicate are expanding by the day, and customers are looking for real-time 24/7 service on a global scale. Channels for communication include chat, customer call centers, online support teams, social media, email opt-ins, text services, technology platform tools and so much more!

The number of platforms and channels customers use to communicate with businesses is growing, but so are their expectations. They want to be loyal to their brands, but will quickly jump ship with a single negative experience. Today’s customers need 24/7 service, they need multiple ways to communicate, they need immediate response to their issues, and they want to be rewarded for being loyal customers.

Many companies are struggling to make the shift from the use of traditional engagement models to integrated cross channel solutions for serving the customer. This struggle lends itself to the creation of organic technologies, tools and processes to help us better interact and service customers of all shapes and sizes.

I recently found an article (a touch dated, but highly relevant none the less) by Customer Trends highlighting some of the key aspects of performing great customer and digital care service. Check out their “15 for 2015 – Customer Service Trends” article.

As a leading global provider of BPO Services, Digital Customer Care and Technology innovation solutions, Symbio is constantly evolving our processes, methods and engagement channels with customers. We’re helping our customers to engage with their customers in new ways that keep them at the forefront of their markets and ahead of the competition. But most importantly, we’re helping our customers retain their customers by creating new experiences that are built on service and support, 24/7 365 using technology to innovate at every turn.

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