Digitizing The Customer Journey

Virtually every industry is now a “tech” industry. Companies like Uber and Amazon have changed the way we think and interact with transportation and online commerce. No matter what industry you serve, it’s clear that technology is changing the way we engage, communicate and service customers. Physical and virtual environments are rapidly converging, and consumers want their needs met all the time and every time. I found a great article from McKinsey this week, and wanted to share the valuable insights related to this revolution in business. You can view the full article from McKinsey Here.

Consumers are demanding interactions and relationships with brands on their own terms:

  • Analytic driven notifications, transactions, recommendations…
  • Channel of choice: voice, text, social, web…
  • Seamless integration across touch points with your brand
  • Advancements in digital, mobile, connected device offerings

So what does this mean for companies? They need to continually target opportunities to innovate at each touch point with their clientele. From the architecting of consumer portals & apps to advancements in connected services and predictive analytics, companies must establish lighter more agile delivery models to meet market demands.

To stay ahead of the curve, companies must focus on a few core innovation areas:

  • Discovery – Capture data and gleam insights from predictive analytics
  • Design – Craft a user-focused customer experience and think through all interactions
  • Delivery – stay nimble, execute continuously and always look to improve

Through the establishment of multi-disciplinary co-creation teams, leading companies are able to quickly prototype, implement and measure results at a fraction of the time of traditional models. This is accomplished by solutioning digital products, services and interactions from the customer’s perspective vs. building solutions for customers from a corporate perspective.

If you’re interested in learning more about Digitizing the customer journey for your customers, , download our Digital Customer Care White Paper, or contact us at contact@symbio.com. We’d love to learn more and help you stay at the forefront of digital customer engagement and communication.