Engineering and Neuroscience

photo by Allan Ajifo Wearable devices coming out on the market in the near future will really bring new meaning to the phrase “mind over matter”. Brainwaves are key; whether they be interpreting them for synthetic telepathy or communicating with your dog, or even manipulating them to make you calmer or happier.

Along with new technology having much to do with our internal environments, it is becoming more common knowledge that a good state of mind and lowered stress will yield overall better health. With the use of wearable technology that is already available today, we have better access to monitoring our activity levels, heart rate, calories consumed (and types of calories consumed), and although all this data may help us map out our inputs and outputs, those might just be the tip of the iceberg for what is to come.

A company called Thync has come up with a wearable device that will use “neurosignaling” to change ones mood. By using electronic or ultrasonic, intelligent waveforms to signal neural pathways in the brain, and stimulate specific pathways, it will trigger a shift in ones state of mind or energy level. People who have struggled with depression, who have found medications to have more con’s than pro’s might find this to be a life changing discovery. Although the device has already stirred up a lot of excitement, it may be a while before it is available, due to safety concerns, but it could be a real shift in both neuroscience and engineering. Thync isn’t the only company utilizing the brain for new and exciting ventures, No More Woof is using brainwaves to interpret patterns and eventually let you know what your dog is thinking or needs. In a similar technology, the US government is funding research for synthetic telepathy helmets that will allow soldiers on the battlefield to communicate silently.

The power of our minds is what created all that has lead to this new technology, so it only makes sense that we would begin to use it to explore just how powerful and useful our brain can be. We are very excited to see how many doors this new venture into neuroscience will open, and what sorts of new questions we will ask.

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