Facebook’s Slingshot : First Impressions : Fun But What?

Just playing around with Facebook’s new Snapchat-killer Slingshot.

fun but what?

People can send you pictures or video, which can either be like that (kind of like Vine) or you can doctor them up with text and a drawing tool. Just like Snapchat the images and video are ephemeral, but in a different way – they stay on the screen until you swipe them off, then they are gone.  What’s the rub? Well, you can’t see what someone has sent you UNTIL you send them something back. While this is an interesting factor which will probably force engagement, I wonder how long it will take for people to just get tired of that. I mean, how do you END a conversation? I have no idea…

maybe we’ll have to go back to the good old days of radio “OVER AND OUT”

Other than that – it seems cool – we will have to see how long it lasts. I played around with it for a bit and it looked pretty fun, to start with, especially being able to share short looping videos was cool. There is also a feature called “reaction”, which splits the screen in half, showing your message in the top half (image or video) and the reaction in the bottom half. Like Snapchat, it all goes away, so you can’t save any of it even if you wanted to…so even those moments you want to keep are gone once you’ve swiped.

the log in mechanism is a but weird – I used my phone number – not my Facebook log in – and there seemed to be no way to add any of my Facebook friends directly to my list, you have to SMS them to get them on board, which is laudable for non-Facebook users, but if they really want to leverage virality they should open up the Facebook connectivity ASAP. I’m sure its planned soon, if not already there. Maybe I missed it??

So, so far, fun but we’ll see if it has legs…send us a sling if you like – username thinkfuture