Getting In Early – Testing & Requirements Engineering

As is the case with developing, testing and launching almost any technology or software solution, getting in early is crucial to the success of the product and its innovation capability. But who needs to get in early? EVERYONE. The best and most innovative software platforms and technology solutions come from early and adaptive collaboration between all parties. Whether you’re a software developer, test engineer, product manager, or an external tech development company, collaborative thinking and planning is key to launching a great product for your customers.

This week, I decided to look at the role test engineers play, and where and when they are brought into a developing project’s lifecycle. In short, what level of quality and detail is realistic to expect in requirements documents from test engineers? What does testability really mean? How can testers help improve requirements for future product creations? Building requirements and QA processes for testing is crucial to ensure consistency, globalization, and ultimately a better product and happier customers.

However, in many cases the test engineer is brought in too late in the game, and too far down the product lifecycle. A recent article from Techwell illustrates this trend well, and offers 5 key critical success factors that every company looking to develop and innovate should expect from their test engineers. You can access the article here.

At Symbio, we pride ourselves on collaboration and co-creation with clients from beginning to end. Bringing in QA and test engineers early not only allows all parties to think through your product solution in a different way, it can also dramatically reduce costs and increase efficiencies for testing during the products creation lifecycle. This in turn creates a better product and a happier customer for your company.

If you’re interested in learning more about software development, testing, or want to create a collaborative partnership for your next tech innovation, download our TotalQA Datasheet or email us at We’d love to help you launch your next innovation to the world.