Google I/O: Everything you need to know (Day 1)

Today, Google’s two day conference for developers, the Google I/O  kicked off in San Francisco. Here is a small summary on what has been announced today, all you need to know, in a couple of bullet points:

1. Android One

As a new mobile hardware platform for India and beyond, androidone will enable phone manufacturers to create cost-efficient less expensive Android phones in developing markets for a sales price that is under $100. Androidone will be launching in India this fall. This initiative is meant to produce high quality affordable smartphones at scale, since only 10% of the worlds population have currently access to smartphones.

2. Developer Preview Android L and Material Design

The next Android version Android L will be available in a preview version for developers. Along with the new version of its operating system, Google introduced Material Design, which unifies user intercase for Android, web, apps, tablets and phones. Features include dynamic shrinking and expanding of elements, a more 3 dimensional look emphasized by shadows and bold colors. (learn more here)

3. Android Wear

The official roll out day for the in March announced Android Wear operating system was today. Goolge demonstrated some of its most unique features. Even companies they are not in the smart watch business will be able to develop apps that can be used with a smart watch.

4. Android Auto

Another big announcement was Android Auto, an Android platform for the car. The operating system is completely voice enabled, so that the driver can keep their hands on the wheel and the eyes on the road. Google is also releasing the Android Auto SDK for developers to create apps for the platform.

5. Google Fit

The many rumors became reality today. Google announced its Google Fit health data platform. Within the next couple of weeks, Google will release a set of Google Fir API’s to developers. Data can be collected from various devices, and their will also be a feature to collect biometrics data.

6. Android TV

Android TV was introduced not as a new platform, but rather a more cohesive update that ties together features and devices that make consuming content easier. Android TV can be used “just like a Chromecast”.

To sum up day 1, there have been a lot of cool expected and unexpected things, and the Android ecosystems seems to finally fall into one place. We’re looking forward to see what we will learn tomorrow.

More information on the event site here.