Guest post by Haltian: A Kiss from a Cow!

Guest post, written by Petri Salonen, Sr. SW Specialist at
 Haltian (Oulu, Finland)

Here at Haltian, people are trained to work global, but at the same time we are flexible to work on a smaller scale business. We treat all of our customers equally, no matter what the task is about. Even if it requires some ”cow-talking”.

The principles of SW design are always the same. It was still an intriguing task to jump into a totally different world of coding >> from mobile platforms into the grain mill business

Haltian was asked to do software design for a flour and feed mill namely Kinnusen Mylly, upgrading their existing feed mixture design system from the early 1990s. The task consisted of SW and UX definition based on customers needs, rewriting the application and testing. The customer has strict EU regulated requirements for the mixture of the ingredients, humidity and logistics. There are up to 20 ingredients in a single mixture which then have up to 50-60 different values. The knowledge of different proportions is essential: minerals, vitamins, amino acids, inorganic materials, energy content of the feed and so on. The latest EU and domestic regulation jungle, and even the change from old Finnish markka to the Euro, needed to be updated into the system for it to be useful.

There was clearly a business need for Haltian’s services. Whilst our top notch expertise was highly appreciated, it was also quite novel to receive feedback on our speedy error corrections and feature updates. This kind of thorough system update messed up the customers daily routines per se, so the work did require some extra stretching from the customer’s side. When the commitment is there on both sides, as was evident in this case, the result exceeded our expectations.

Not, the mill owns the source code of the software and won’t be dependent on the supplier anymore. We can also guarantee the quality of our delivery: there are no extra expenses for the warranty services for the next few months. On top of that, the co-operation evoked some nice new development ideas for the future on both sides. The visionary mindset is obviously contagious!

We have very nice and productive weeks behind us here at Haltian, and more of them to come!