A device to accelerate the IoT: Thingsee!

We are very pleased to share that our partner, Haltian, has created a new device that will change the way developers and everyday people utilize the Internet of things (I0T): Thingsee. Stepping over the hurdle that is hardware development in the software development process, this new device is stuffed with sensors and has wifi capability, and will certainly accelerate our progress into an inter-connected world. Thingsee is about the size of a chunky cell phone and contains a variety of sensors as well as wifi. It’s durable, has a long lasting battery.

The idea came from the development of an asset tracking product, when they realized that they had so many other ideas of how to use this product. The device isn’t just for software developers, although it is an excellent tool, people without a programming background can easily configure a particular function by downloading the free app. Some examples include measuring the acceleration of a car, GPS tracking for small children, or even being alerted when the mailman delivers to your mailbox. The device can sense if its tilted or moving, whether it’s light or dark, humidity or if it is raining, and if it has been kicked or lightly touched. Its sensors include 2G GPRS, bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, light sensor, and pressure sensor. They made the device waterproof and ruggedized so theres no limit to what one can do with it. Also, it has been designed to conserve energy and has a very long better life, containing a 1,900 mAh battery and monochrome display screen. For web and mobile app developers, it’s easier to build your own web services, with the Things Backend SDK to help you get started. The software developers are given full hardware control, and can go deep and extend the capabilities of the device.

This device is cool in comparison to the other IoT devices out there in the fact that it’s a development platform. Unlike single-purpose IoT devices, like bluetooth stickers etc, the Thingsee has a bunch of sensors and can be programmed to do many things. They created the device, and it’s up to the development community to come up with ways in which to use the device The company will continue to design the mobile application during the campaign, and believe they will have the iOS app ready by February, and the Android app following in March. Haltian is a rapidly growing design service startup from Finland, and need the support of people to get the device up and running on time. On Kickstarter, they need to raise 99,000 dollars, and in day two have already raised half of what they need. Which definitely goes to show how excited everyone is about this new tool. We highly suggest you check it out and know you’ll be as excited as we are.