How the “Internet of Things” Will Affect The World.

We have all heard it. IoT is the next “Industrial Revolution.” How we work, communicate, and interact is going to drastically change, right?

But what is the reality of this concept? How far will these changes go and how long will it take to adopt them? I recently ran across a great article from Business intelligence, highlighting some ideas and concepts related to how IoT might ACTUALLY change our lives forever. You can access the full article here.

I found the piece insightful on a number of levels. Of particular note:

  • It’s projected that 34 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. IoT devices will account for 24 billion, with the remaining 10 being more traditional computing and mobile devices.
  • Businesses will be the top adapter of IoT solutions, leveraging improvements for customers, processes, and ultimately the bottom line.

As we move forward, partnering with companies to develop IoT solutions will be paramount for companies who want to not only survive, but thrive in the future. Symbio has decades of experience in helping clients to develop, test and launch global technology and IoT solutions.

Our clients are at the forefront of technology innovation, allowing them to work more efficiently, saving time and money along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about IoT Development, Testing, QA, or need help bringing your product to market, download our Symbio Overview Data Sheet or email us at We’d love to help you launch your next innovation to the world.