How IoT And Data Analytics Will Make You Move

One of the major concerns of today is how future generations and white-collar “computer” workers will be able to stay healthy and maintain their work performance. The quick solution is that if you don’t move enough during your workday, you should take care of your physical health on your free time. This means cutting into person and family life and the related activities that come with it. But at the same time, digitization has made technology like wearable’s more accessible and allows us to enhance, combine and enrich our lives and the data associated with it for better analytics.

My friend recently bought a Bluetooth sensor, which records the wattage he produces while biking, utilizing his mountain bike pedals (don’t ask me why someone would want to measure this). When you combine this data with a state-of-art smart watch, which measures your pulse, speed and consumption of calories, and tracks your locations, you produce a data analytics package to your cloud service that could make even the biggest nerd stand up and take action! You can even go further by combining Google glasses to your training, which allows you to have additional data available in front of your eyes during training.

You can then share your data with friends in the evening, and even create an impressive 3D animation and picture show that shows your performance on YouTube. Suunto Movie is an example of this kind of service

The Internet of Things (IoT) is really about understanding what collected and produced data can produce from a value and motivation perspective. Those who can leverage this data and learn to refine their workouts will a superior advantage moving forward. This disruption is a perfect example of the “Digitization” and can be both a threat and opportunity to company’s moving forward. For those looking to change, it may be an opportunity for growth. For those reluctant to embrace new technologies, they will likely stay stagnant for the foreseeable future.

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