It’s All About Speed

It’s all about speed.

How rapidly can you get your product to market? How quickly can you get your app on the newest iteration of a device? When it comes to product and app development, speed is critical. But speed without quality can be devastating. Rushing a product or app to market without ensuring quality is no way to do business.

Introducing: Product Accelerators.

Product accelerators are building blocks, like Legos: pre-built solutions that can be knitted together to make development projects faster and cheaper, cutting down on the time it takes to reach the market – without sacrificing quality.

Product accelerators enable software products to be developed faster and more cost effectively, because they remove the need to reinvent the wheel, especially for commonly desired features and functions. Large projects, like websites that are scalable to millions of users, typically take 18 months to two years and cost millions of dollars. Using product accelerators, the time and costs can be reduced significantly.

Symbio maintains a suite of product accelerators. Many of them are nearly complete products out of the box, requiring just a few adjustments to be crafted into the final product. Other accelerators are sets of features and functions that allow for customization to meet the scope and vision of larger development projects. For example, one of our most frequently used product accelerators is our social relations graph platform. This platform is an engine that enables us to build social features into websites, whether it is a social relations graph within the community of the product or social integration features for the third-party social sites (like Facebook and Twitter).

A product accelerator is only as good as its implementation, though. If it’s implemented as a black box or with obfuscated source code, the accelerator can cause significant difficulties with maintenance and even create Intellectual Property concerns. It’s important that, when discussing the use of product accelerators in your project you ask two questions:

  1. Do we get the source code rolled into our overall solution?
  2. Do we maintain the Intellectual Property rights of the accelerator source code?

We’ve had a lot of chances to use our product accelerators on projects, but one brilliant example came when we were approached by a large blogging site who needed to update their platform. Recently purchased by a Russian media company and preparing for wide-scale release in Eastern Europe, they recognized the need to add social features and an enhanced platform (scaling from millions of users to tens of millions would stress their existing platform to the breaking point) to their existing product. We saw a place for 2 of our product accelerators and were able to knit them into their existing software seamlessly. Now, this large blogging site is capable of handling the increased user load with ease and has a full set of social features. A project like this could typically take two years and cost multiple millions of dollars. Using Symbio’s product accelerators? It cost less than one million dollars and was completed in 9 months.

That’s speed to market.