Learnings from the Manufacturing Performance Days!

MPD 2015Symbio participated in Manufacturing Performance Days in Tampere, Finland last week. Manufacturing Performance Days is one of the main Industrial events in the Nordics organized every other year by Fimecc, Finnish Metal and Engineering Competence cluster. This was the 5th time the event was held in Finland and it drew industry, academic and political leaders – 630 participants and companies from 25 countries.

The key theme was true competitiveness, which raised a lot of discussion about the global competition, reduction of costs through technology, digitalization, energy efficiency, public-private collaboration and policies commissions. Many keynote speakers, such as the CEO of KONE, Henrik Ehrnrooth, highlighted end-user experience as the companies’ true competitive advantage and digitalization as the enabler. KoneCranes CEO, Pekka Lundmark and Toyota Director, Andy Sinton were emphasizing how crucial understanding the real customer value in the innovation process is. All keynote speakers shared the believe that IoT offers the next productivity leap the industry needs.

Simon Hermann, the chairman of Kucher & Partners has studies hidden champions, who are the key drivers of successful markets of today, China being the biggest export country in the world and Germany in Europe. With hidden champions he’s referring to small companies (less than 2000 employees, revenue less than 5 billion). These small and mid-size niche firms are much more focused, innovative and agile. They create in average 31 patents (in comparison to 6 by bigger competitors) and they do it much more cost-efficient. He also encouraged every company to exploit the opportunities to sell global.

One great example of the hidden champions in the event was PONSSE a company specializing in manufacturing forest machinery. PONSSE’s President and CEO, Juho Nummela states tight focus, agility and quick responses to market needs are the cornerstones of their success. They are paying a lot of attention to user experience and prototype ideas with customers and co-creation partners. Open collaboration promoted by digitalization enabled PONSSE to introduce an eight-wheeler forest machine, which raises productivity and ergonomics in harvesting, which has never been done before.

Over all, we enjoyed being part of the conference and came home with a lot of inspiration and ideas. We’re looking forward to many exciting co-creation projects with champions and hidden champions in various different indusries.