Localization – It’s Never Too Early

For many technology companies, localization can be a sticky situation. Whether you’re a hot tech startup looking to launch your first great solution, or you’re a global enterprise providing constant updates globally, localization is key to launching any software or tech solution.

But too often companies do not think about localization early enough, if at all. Even if you’re product is initially launched for just domestic use, the need to plan and build for global opportunity should probably factor in. I ran across a great article that highlights the value of thinking and designing with localization in mind, you can view it here.

There are a multitude of steps and items you can think through to help you better prepare for global localization for your products. Some of those steps include:

  • Internationalization For Software
  • Writing & Designing For Translation
  • Choosing The Right Partner (I highly recommend symbiodevelop.wpengine.com)

So next time you’re thinking about your next software platform or product innovation, think about how to design and create with a global perspective. It helps expand your product and its usage, allows for a great case to possible investors, and most importantly will set you up for long term business success!

Symbio has 20+ years helping small, medium and large enterprise firms to launch their products globally, offering localization testing and development solutions for any region around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about globalization, localization, or need a partner to help you develop your next great idea, download our Symbio Globalization Data Sheet or email us at contact@symbio.com. We’d love to help you launch your next innovation to the world.