Nixon Goes To China

The first time I head that phrase was in the 1991 film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, (I am such a geek) where “only Nixon could go to China” is quoted by Spock as “an old Vulcan proverb”. Which of course it isn’t, it’s about that fact that only certain people with specific skills and reputation could perform certain acts, like Nixon being the one to start the process of thawing Sino-American relations, or the fact that the guy who warred with the Klingons (Kirk) was the one to deliver the peace emissary. Like I said, I am SUCH a geek.

Nowadays, China is on everyone’s mind. From a business perspective, it’s top of mind as a manufacturing location, the place to get things built. And of course, its also a huge market – it is the #1 market in the world after the US with 568M+ users. It’s the second largest economy in the world after the US (and who knows how much longer – I’m sure its poised to grow even larger than ours). But the big question is, how to crack it?

A lot of companies in the US pretty much think – we can’t even think of going there – we’ve got too much on our plate as it is – and we have no idea how to start.  My guess is that you can’t afford to NOT be there. Here are some things you might not know….China is the #1 ( or close #2 ) market in……

  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Personal finance and investment
  • Education and supplemental, continuing learning
  • Luxury goods

If you are in any of these spaces – it just makes sense to go to China. The market is not only huge – there is a big demand for all of the above, and probably a lot more. Of course you’re thinking, sure I would LOVE to tap that huge market, but I have no idea how to even start.

Well, guess what? While the road is hard, it’s not impossible, if you have the right partner. There is a myriad of things that need to be in place before, during and after your foray into China. You have to deal with differences in culture, consumer behavior, technology and infrastructure, not to mention legal issues. However, it’s worth the work in order to access a market of that size.

You don’t need to be Nixon. You just need a Nixon to help guide you through it. For example, we here at Symbio were able to successfully take Evernote (yes, that Evernote that you all use – I can’t imagine how I would get anything done without it) to China. I think at last count they had over 8M users. Yeah, we did that. Or we helped to make it possible. And we can help you too.