Observe Your Home – It’s Already In IoT

When scientist in the 1960’s asked people how they thoguht everyday life will change in 20th century, people imagined two handed robots, which would drive cars, do dishes and mow the lawn.

The changes in our everyday lives happen organically and in many cases quickly, but often times in different ways than we might expect. It today’s world, you can have loan negotiations with a bank from your living room using video conference, and handle all your bank matters on the internet. Our movie tickets, notifications and so much more are now available from our mobile phones in digital format, instead of paper tickets. In stores like Ikea, self-payment cash registers are replacing cashiers, and the list goes on and on.

Also, the Internet of Things has arrived in ways we might not even notice. IoT means Internet connectivity in devices, which can be then controlled, measured or maneuvered through Internet connection. Your energy company reads your meter remotely and collects the data to their cloud service. And you can then see the analyzed data through the energy service in the energy company’s website. The GPS and Internet connected infotainment systems in your car give you weather and traffic jam warnings, which are based on your location and the route choice you made using the app.

Physical devices can be also replaced with cloud services, which utilize Internet connectivity. Recording TV shows is now an old innovation, but the idea behind using cloud for storage is new and exciting. Cloud allows us to store several terabytes of data storage for your favorite series or movies. You can control the service with your mobile phone and get a notification to your mobile when the program is starting or hard disk is getting full.

Smart-TV is also part of Internet of Things. Your television knows when it needs a update software and does it automatically without you having to participate. Smart technolgoies can also talk and interact with eachother, and you can also watch streaming service like Netflix, which you can control over your mobile phone if you want to.

All this is just a beginning of what Internet connected devices can offer in the future. Which devices will be connected next? The list of potential IoT devices is endless – electric stove, connected fridge, lawn mowers, robot butlers and of course all devices connected to car. One thing is certain though – the future is going to be from what you expect and changes will happen gradually. Observe your home – it is already connected to the Internet of Things!

Symbio participates actively in the development of home automation and automotive industry connectivity. Read more on what digitalization means for automotive industry by downloading Symbio Connected Car datasheet.