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Success Story

PayPal, established in December, 1998, is a technology platform and digital payments company that enables digital and mobile payments on behalf of consumers and merchants. Available in more than 200 countries/regions supporting 25 currencies, some of the significant challenges faced by PayPal’s Global Content & Technology group were:

  • Transition from traditional Globalization (G11N) process to full Agility, and to stay closely aligned with PayPal’s Global product teams,
  • Frequent changes and re-designs in products, with an average of over 60 features to support per 2-week Sprint,
  • Locale coverage increasing from 30+ to 200+, without an increase in the team size, and
  • Global teams in different time zones, required real-time updates without additional communication efforts.

PayPal was looking for a comprehensive solution that would:

  • Support country BUs,
  • Support continued international growth,
  • Optimize their current localization and regional quality testing module, and
  • Provide for Continuous Improvement in testing, customer support, and overall customer experience.

Symbio’s goal was to enable PayPal products to work in any culture, in any language, and with any currency, enabling market-specific user experience with business-rules customization, Internationalization (I18N), and Localization (L10N) for countries, languages, and cultures everywhere PayPal does business.

Symbio has been providing Localization, Internationalization Quality Assurance, Automation testing and Dashboard development services for PayPal since 2008. A Global Service Management team in Beijing, China and San Jose, CA supports PayPal’s Global Content & Technology group – in testing major releases, and country-specific features.

And today, the decade-old PayPal-Symbio partnership is able to:

  • Support payments around the world in 25 different currencies, including the US Dollar, the Euro, the Mexican Peso and the Chinese RMB to name a few,
  • Provide fully localized web and mobile services and products in 32 languages and 206 markets, such as the US, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico – with more countries to come on board,
  • Cover full automation testing on both web and mobile platforms, with a dedicated team located in Beijing, China and San Jose, CA
  • Take care of the increasing Quality Assurance & Testing requirements for PayPal global products through the best efficiency module.


“Working with Symbio is not just a matter of a traditional outsourcing model. We are talking about the bottom line of the company, and the long-term partnership to extend the business and scalability in the next 3 to 5 years. No one would believe that we could have more than 22 languages covered in China, but Symbio helped us accomplish it with quality and professionalism across China. Thanks for the partnership and great work.”

Localization Manager, PayPal

PayPal Open Digital Payments