Robots rule everything around me

Robots today are popping up everywhere, and can help in all stages of business.

If you haven’t seen the  “robot dogs” recently acquired by Google, we’ve provided a sample video below.  They are quite remarkable, able to correct their stance, walk up rough terrain, and though I can honestly say the first time I saw them I was slight creeped out, I can’t deny that they are an impressive bit of technology.

Here at Symbio we have a robot as well.  Symbio’s RATA, or Robot Aided Test Automation removes the need for humans to perform tedious repetitive tasks during automation testing.  Watch our short video to see our robot in action (below), or scroll down to read the list of features.


  • non-intrusive UI test automation
  • 3 axis robot with high speed cameras
  • physical button presses
  • automatic icon detection with HD camera
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • 2 finger robot for UI gestures
  • scroll performance analyzer records frame transitions
  • latency measurements with Watch Dog
  • Platform and form factor independent TA solution
  • Repetitive task automation with ease
  • execute long duration and aging testing with test models