”Ruska is here” – Happy Friday from Oulu

Autumn has arrived in Finland. “Ruska” is what we call when trees and grass turns into fall colors, different shades of yellow, orange and red. Ruska is especially colorful in the northern part of Finland and attracts tourist and Finns from Southern Finland to go hiking in Lapland.

Symbio’s Nothern Finland office is located in Oulu, the capital city of Northern Finland and the technology hub that has often been referred to as the Silicon Valley of Finland. Our Oulu office employs 53 software and quality assurance professionals to date, who are focusing on mobile development. We are proud of our world class expertise in graphics development and optimization, which we have here in our Oulu team.

One of the latest accomplishments in graphics front was the OpenGL ES 3.0 and Khronos Conformance Test Suite (CTS). The next generation OpenGL ES version 3.0 (aka Halti) brings mobile and embedded 3D graphics to the next level and closer to desktop OpenGL, enabling advanced graphics techniques such as deferred rendering, occlusion queries, shadow mapping, instanced rendering and rich particle effects. All major vendors (Nvidia, Qualcomm, ARM, Intel, Imagination, Vivante) have conformant implementations ready and accepted by Khronos.

Our technical gurus are always interested in new gadgets and learning how the technology is evolving. The latest gadget in Oulu office has been OculusVR. It certainly makes games much more intriguing, and we have already discovered what benefits it will brings to some of our projects.

Best Regards from Finland,

The Oulu Team