Symbio Completes Successful Upgrade & Migration of IdrottOnline – The Largest Global EPiServer Installation

It’s a great feeling to be a proud colleague of a fantastic team. After months of focused work, Symbio is pleased to announce we have made a successful upgrade of the largest installed EPiServer solution.

IdrottOnline is the main web platform for Swedish Sports Confederation and it is now upgraded to EPiServer CMS 9. From a numbers perspective, the EPiServer installation has updated 58000 web start pages for a variety of sports associations, sports clubs, and districts. The content for these pages is managed by over 110,000 web page editors.

Several participants have been involved in this project, with Symbio Sweden managing core responsibility for all project management. A large development and test team from Symbio in China was also sourced and has been involved throughout the project.

Quotes from the Swedish Sports Confederation and EPiServer:

“We have partnered with Symbio for quite some time, and in a project of this size and importance, it is giving us a very comfortable feeling to have a strategic partner you trust and have a close dialogue with. The reason behind the great success with this huge project is the hard work by strong developers and testers and a good dialogue with Symbio.”
– Pia Ahlgren, Development Manager IdrottOnline

“We and our end users are all very happy with this project!
– Tobias Carneteg, Customer Service Manager for IdrottOnline

“A big congratulations to a successful project and excellent work by the team.
– Johan Olsson – Senior Account Manager at EPiServer AB

Are you responsible for an EPiServer solution and want to use our best practice processes to upgrade to the latest version? If so, please contact Thomas Larsson, Business Developer at Symbio. +46 722 028 396 or

Read more on the IdrottOnline home page (in Swedish):