Symbio and Sandvik

Finland’s expertise in software development and machinery is not questionable. Combining these two will build the success stories of the future, and that is what industry giant Sandvik believes in. Sandvik, together with Symbio, did write quite a success story, and that just recently. Together we built the intelligent mining robots that are used in different mines all over Finland today. The Helsinki News newspaper acknowledged the accomplishment in their tech Issue last week. Read all about the innovative co-creation story of Sandvik here (FIN only, summary of the article in ENG below).

Mining automation is developing quickly and rapidly changing the industry. Today, intelligent machinery are used in the narrow mining corridors, while humans are controlling them comfortably from their office. This advanced step reduces the risk of accidents and increases the productivity and efficiency of the mines. One of the key attributes behind the industry changing innovation is the collaboration of Symbio and Sandvik which started six years ago. Back then the mining automation pioneer Sandvik was looking for a reliable, international software development partner for their next vision of building innovative machinery, no one has ever seen before. This was a great opportunity for Symbio to expand our expertise into a new industry. Creating new innovation in a new industry was a big challenge. From time to time our employees got the opportunity to be in Sandvik’s mines to test their software in the real environment. Sandvik appreciated this proactive approach and especially Symbio’s expertise in quality assurance. There are several similarities in testing complex, security critical devices – whether they are mining robots, mobile devices or big information systems.

Nowadays, the most promising trend in mining is automation, believes Sandvik’s Mining Automation director, Riku Pulli. To stay competitive, traditional mines need to increase their productivity and automation plays an important role for doing so. Sandvik’s role as the forerunner of the mining industry has also been noticed outside of the mining industry and was rewarded with the Engineering Award 2013 by Technology Academics in Finland.