Technology – 10 Security Best Practices

When it comes to developing software, mobile apps, digital care solutions and more, security is at the top of the list for many companies, and for good reason. With all the new devices, tablets, tech tools, and programs available, the need for companies to protect themselves and their digital assets from hacking and other “mission impossible” type threats is clear and very real.

Recently we’ve seen large companies get hacked, we’ve seen financial software derail stock market information in China, and the list goes on and on. But what many companies fail to realize is that most of the security you need is right in front of you. It’s sitting with your independent technology provider or contractor, and it’s called security FUNDAMENTALS. I found a great read that highlights the security fundamentals that every company should be thinking about, and every technology development provider should be utilizing. Check out the full article here.

As leaders in developing secure software, apps and digital care solutions for our clients, we have decades of experience in working with some of the world’s top global companies. We’ve helped them develop secure software and application solutions that help them better manage their business and their customer relationships.

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