Test Automation – Endless Benefits Abound

The life of a tester is not easy. There is pressure for deadlines, bug fixes, application performances and so much more. Patches, quick fixes and fractional releases are becoming more prevalent, and performance issues are being missed for many scheduled release dates.

So what can we do to fix these issues and clean up the lifecycle? How can we increase the time testing engineers need to think about the products usability, and less on the small and mundane issues that arise. The answer – Test Automation. Leveraging testing Automation capabilities can have a dramatically positive affect on an entire QA / testing team. I recently found a great article covering some of the benefits of Test Automation, check it out Here.

Manual Test Engineers who do not utilize Test Automation are at an extreme disadvantage. Automation can allow teams to run testing sequences many times with little human involvement. You can identify and correct broken links, small bugs and related issues. Test Automation tools also allow the engineer to focus on performance testing and product usability, saving time and money at every turn while launching a better end product to your customers.

At Symbio, we pride ourselves on collaboration and co-creation with clients from beginning to end. Leveraging our test Automation capabilities can dramatically reduce your QA / testing costs and increase testing efficiencies during the products creation lifecycle. This in turn creates a better product and a happier customer for your company. If you’re interested in learning more about test automation, software development, or want to create a collaborative partnership for your next tech innovation, download our TotalQA Datasheet or email us at contact@symbio.com. We’d love to help you launch your next innovation to the world.