The Boardroom Coding Phenomenon

It’s no surprise that more people in key positions are looking at their company’s product code for ways to enhance and improve. Coding plays a huge role in any software company or product, and proper coding allows companies to better engage customers, make smarter decisions, disrupt markets and leap frog competitors.

C-Level executives and board members are becoming increasingly interested in coding because they know it affects more than just the product performance and experience. This newfound interest from the top has many IT and DevOps employees rethinking how they build and code their software solutions. Delivery is also more crucial than ever to ensure the messaging you go to market with is demonstrated through the actual product usability and reliability. In fact, many companies have shifted to hiring executives who have a background in technology and a strong understanding of the digital marketplace. I found a great article written this week, you can check it out here.

So how can the board be sure their company’s code is accurate and stable? How do you make them feel secure that the product you are going to market with will be a positive extension of the company and brand for customers around the world? What can developers, IT and product managers do to lower risk and create piece of mind for the leaders at the top? The answer might be as simple as an external technology development partner like Symbio.

Symbio has decades of experience in helping clients to develop, test and launch global technology solutions. Our clients are at the forefront of technology innovation, allowing them to work more efficiently, saving time and money along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about Development, Testing, QA, or need help bringing your product to market, download our Symbio Overview Data Sheet or email us at We’d love to help you launch your next innovation to the world.