The Future of Testing: Death or Transformation?


With the StarEast conference in Orlando coming up, Symbio has been heavily focused on our QA and Testing expertise the past few weeks. Our global marketing, sales and development teams have been in meetings and on calls, discussing our QA and Testing capabilities, marketing messages, and our overall product solution. During those calls, it came to my attention just how important the testing process is for software development, and how impactful it is on the lives of our customer’s as we leap forward with new and innovative technologies.

So when I ran across this Podcast I was immediately intrigued. Interview: The future of the software testing profession: An Interview with Mike Sowers.

After listening to the podcast, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mike will be speaking at StarEast next week. And as a fellow tech lover and testing geek, I liked the picture he painted of the future of testing, particularly when answering the “million dollar question.” Is testing, as a profession, dying?

The truth is, it’s not dying. It’s transforming. It’s changing. It’s figuring itself out in a constantly evolving world of wearables, devices, platforms, connected cars, connected devices, gadgets and gizmos all focused on enhancing our lives and improving our daily interactions. Mikes comment on the computing footprint getting smaller and more complex is more true than ever. When wearing a device, there are multiple angles to consider from a testing perspective. There is the device itself, hardware, software and everything the device is interfacing with, different operating systems, API’s, and so on. Therefore, all layers of the application need to be tested simultaneously and in context, with an end goal of creating a quality product.

As a lover of technology, I am grateful to work for a company like Symbio. A company that provides an opportunity to see the future of technology before it’s launched to the world.

Testing as a profession isn’t dying. Quite the contrary. It’s growing and changing with the landscape it serves. So raise your glass to the engineers in our world, and toast to the testers and the future of change in technology.