This is why you should enter China.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about China for a while. Maybe you’ve seen the recent news that China is destined to become the biggest market in the world by the end of 2014. Or maybe you haven’t heard anything and are just curious – is there a market for my product or service in China?

For a long time, manufacturers and others have thought of China as a place to have goods manufactured inexpensively – as well as a place for offshore software development. However, in the last few years, rising incomes, rapidly changing demographics, increased consumer spending and a slowly opening business environment has helped to make the Chinese market more attractive to western businesses. Rapid urbanization is also a big driver for the growth of consumer spending. At the same time, declining sales in home markets have suggested that US and European companies should place China in their global growth strategy.

With a population nearing 1.5 billion and a land mass similar to the United States, China’s sheer size and scale presents challenges distinct from other markets. While China represents a massive potential market for services, understanding where these opportunities lie and how to access them can be challenging. Both large Western multinationals with established China presence and first-time entrants with no previous China experience may find their China success denied through insufficient lack of local understanding.

The right partner can help you to clarify some of the steps required in order to not only better understand this huge market, but also how to succeed in it. Check out our Evernote Case Study here, to get insights in how we helped Evernote to succeed in China.


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