VXI and Symbio> why we’re stronger now

Today, companies need to be able to turn customer insight into new products and services in a rapid pace.  The recent merging of Symbio, a co-creative provider of Outsourced Product Development (OPD) that works with companies to find innovative solutions, and VXI a BPO and ITO service, has resulted in a combination of capabilities giving great advantage to their customers.  There are now over 17,000 employees globally, as well as offices more offices in the US and China.

Together the companies make a unique combination of high level engineering and deliver customer-centric innovation solutions at a much quicker pace.  VXI’s strong execution capabilities mixed with Symbios technology platform creates an unmatched product offering.

VXI is an established leader at providing voice of the customer BPO to global brands, specialized in call center and BPO services, software development, quality assurance, and infrastructure outsourcing.  While Symbio brings full RDaaS services, strategic insight, agile software development to the table.

Now the wide employee range and offices located all over the US, Europe, and China will allow for full global service.

Given that Symbio is able to offer customer services across all channels, all over the world, the acquisition can only enhance and refine the capabilities to provide increased customer satisfaction.