Wall Street, Banks, and the Need for Better Software.

With all the volatility in the market lately around the world, I came across a great article on the role and importance that technology, and in particular software play within the financial world. Banks, Investment firms and all types of financial institutions rely on software for their companies, their customers, and their investors. So what happens when there’s a glitch, a pesky bug, or some other defect that causes significant damage to software responsible for managing large sums of money, valuations or data sets.

Not only can this be disastrous for those invested, it can also come at inopportune times (like right now). With the current volatility we are experiencing in many global markets, the last thing needed is a software glitch to further confuse investors and add to the negative volatility. You can read the full article here from cnn.com: http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/31/investing/wall-street-glitch-bny-mellon/index.html.

The entire idea of relying on technology and software to manage money, valuate companies, and handle large sets of data brings an even greater need for companies to find the right software development partner. They need tech companies dedicated to best-practice standards, companies that are global, who know how to test for all types of platforms and for all types of connections. They need global development capabilities that produce code that is secure and stable in any condition. And they need it all to run in a way that is easy, mobile, and intuitive for customers to engage with.

To summarize, a glitch in your software is a glitch in your brand, your customer loyalty, and your bottom line.

As a key partner for a variety of financial clients around the world, Symbio has decades of experience building and developing software solutions, apps, as well as partnering to provide world-class QA and testing services that ensure smooth and successful product launches and updates.

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