What We Learned From Amazons Dash Button

Technology brings a multitude of efficiencies, shortcuts and opportunities, especially when we are talking about customer service solutions. The concept of “one-step” customer solutions is a new and innovative way that many companies are helping their customers get what they need as quickly as possible. Amazon for example, recently introduced their “Dash Button” – allowing users to place an order for a specific product with just the click of a single button.

EBay allows you to place an order in a similar way, with a few simple clicks. Years ago, FedEx was faced with a dilemma, tracking packages for customers. But instead of spending millions on employees to track packages, they instead turned over the ability to the users and allowed them to track their own packages using technology, woohoo!!! Check out this great article on how Amazon’s “Dash Button” is a case-study for how technology is changing the way businesses interact and support their customers. You can view the article here.

Technology and one step customer service is truly changing the way we purchase online. It’s easy to use, convenient, allows for reoccurring purchases, is often “friction-less,” and can be seen as a stepping stone for future business / consumer engagements.

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