Why Most Product Launches Fail

Ideas come from everywhere. They come from your customers, employees, stakeholders and industry colleagues. They come from feeling pain about a certain function, and ideas are good, great, and horrible. But once you have a great idea for your business, how do you develop and launch it? What is necessary to achieve a successful launch?

Once you have a solid idea, a road map must be developed. This should include your target audience, key features, differentiation, and most importantly….building an acceptable business case that can work out in the market. Once a plan is established, it’s time to execute. This can include creating teams for design and development, testing, localization for global launches, and much more. I recently found a great article and video from Harvard Business Review on this subject, check it out here.

When it comes to creating and launch a product, I think we can all agree it is no simple task. Road maps, business cases, design, development, engineering, marketing, customer validation and opportunity cost are just a few of the key areas to lock down as you begin the journey. This can often be overwhelming for many companies, especially those looking to make a big splash with new or existing customers.

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