WWDC : The Quick Hits from Yosemite OSX 10.10 & iOS 8

Just got off the WWDC keynote and made a few notes – for those of you who missed it – if you ask me there really was very little new – this seemed to me a “catch-up” release where both iOS and Mac OS finally picked up some of the elements which have been in other OSs, like Android for iOS (widgets, notifications,  etc) and mostly design for Mac OS (finally picking up the flat design from iOS) – so not a lot which was new or innovative, but I guess you could say it was new and innovative for Apple products, and for some, unless its on an Apple product, it doesn’t exist.

However, the most interesting development to me was the roll out of a whole new language for iOS development called Swift. The Swift Development Language book is (of course) is probably the most downloaded book on iBooks, Apple is giving it out for free. Looks promising – one of the problems I’ve always had with Objective C is that it was way to difficult for new developers to pick up – so this is good. However, it could be a double edged sword –  the easier you make it for people to pick up – the more likelihood that you will get crappy apps in return – although flappy bird was probably written in Objective C, so a software language does not a crappy app make. (or something like that)

Apple also rolled out a bunch of “kits” – a set of APIs to attempt to create a standard interface to iOS – a Healthkit for health apps, a Homekit or home automation apps (and conceivably more internet of things things) and a Cloudkit, which seemed to make it easier to interface with cloud services, but we’ll have to dig into the details to be sure.

So a few interesting things at full blush – but as usual we’ll have to dig into the details to see if anything really new come out of this…